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Mariola Kajkowska is the founder of First Friend in Denmark, a company with the purpose to support companies in Denmark in the process of retaining their international employees. Denmark is known for its work-life balance and hygge, but at the same time, it is challenging for the internationals who live there to settle well and get a feeling of belonging.

What do I do? I provide training for the companies and their international employees that bridge the gap to successful retention. I have developed a 12-month program called “4 Keys to Successful Retention” targeted at international employees and their accompanying partners.

I support companies that work with attracting, recruiting, onboarding, and retaining international talents.

I was born and raised in Poland and came to Denmark for the first time in 2003 for an exchange program. In 2007 I started working with recruitment, relocation, and integration of international employees in Denmark. Ever since, I have dedicated my professional life to assisting both international talents and companies employing internationals. For the last 15 years I have worked with all types of internationals living in Denmark – those who came because of work, studies, war & love.

Along the way I discovered that I wanted to grow more, and joined the John Maxwell Team, a network of more than 36.000 certified coaches, trainers, and speakers. I have built a resourceful toolbox that allows me to tailor my service and serve very specific client’s needs.

The idea of First Friend in Denmark arose with the desire of helping internationals make the absolute most of their lives in Denmark. Not only by providing a shortcut, easing their transition into a new culture and unwritten rules, but also encouraging growth in both professional and personal lives.

MY Mission

My mission is to inject confidence in my clients, propelling their courage to move towards their goals, unleashing their potential.

When internationals living in Denmark struggle with decoding the Danish culture to successfully integrate, build relationships and thrive at work, I help them discover their potential through individual coaching and facilitated group sessions.

Some of my credentials include: 
  • The John Maxwell Team certified coach, teacher, and speaker (view).
  • Certified Life Coach – Strategic Intervention Coaching with Robbins – Maddanes (view).
  • Certified Systemic Coaching with Attractor.
  • Certified at the John Maxwell Method of DISC and Garuda competence profiles.
  • Educated English Teacher, BA from Teacher’s Training College.
  • Experienced teacher 8 years of Zumba, Strong by Zumba and latin dance (view Salsation certificate).
  • Espeakers certified trainer, speaker and coach (view).
For further information about my credentials, experience and education visit my LinkedIn Profile.

Successful retention of
international employees

4 Keys to Success

Better Danish skills

Improved team communication skills
More effectiveness

Better Work Experience

Better team collaborations
Less misunderstandings
More innovation

Better friendships

Happier Employees
Better productivity at work

Better work-life balance

Growth of personal and
social network