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"You do not need to be sick to get better"

Services for individuals

Would you like to grow – personally and professionally?  

Do you want to lead a more intentional life, where you are in charge of your choices and your future?  

Are you having trouble adapting to your new life and feeling at home in Denmark? 

Do not hesitate to contact me and let us discover how First Friend in Denmark can help you in your growth journey.  

Whether you are looking to make a change, take control of your life or get to know yourself better, First Friend in Denmark has the knowledge and tools to guide you through the process.  

Some of the people I have worked with, contacted First Friend in Denmark because they felt stuck. In jobs that did not fulfill them, long periods of unemployment or habits they did not seem to be able to break. Some others were satisfied with their jobs and families, but wanted to challenge themselves, to grow and develop, discovering their full potential. 

First Friend in Denmark offers two types of services for individuals
One-on-one coaching

This includes individual sessions that can combine several of the following approaches: 

  • DISC profile assessment 
  • Strategic Intervention Coaching 
  • Career planning, advice and tips on successful job search in Denmark 
  • Thinking partner 
  • Cultural mentor 
Mastermind Group 

This is a process that was made famous back in the 1930s by an author by the name of Napoleon Hill who spent 20 years of his life interviewing and meeting 20 000 people to discuss the principles of success, personal excellence, and achievement. 500 people at that time were the most recognized famous leaders and creators, people like Rockefeller, Ford, Eddison, the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, 4 sitting presidents. And at the end of this study, he identified 13 principles to success and achievement, and one of these principles was of Mastermind.  



The Mastermind Group is a very intentional group of likeminded people who all come with a common purpose to themselves and to each other. The common purpose to themselves is whatever their purpose, vision and goal is, the common purpose to each other is to add value, to lift each other up, and to contribute. And in fact, the success of the Mastermind meeting is determined not by what the members get, but what each member contributes.  

First Friend in Denmark organizes and facilitates weekly sessions that are based on the content of the following books by John C. Maxwell. We meet for 5 or 10 weeks diving in one of the selected materials:  

  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – Will help you become a lifelong learner whose potential keeps increasing and never gets “used up” 
  • Put Your Dream to the Test – Discover how to harness your dreams and formulate a strategy to achieve them 
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect – Connect beyond words with thought, emotion, and action 
  • Becoming a Person of Influence – Watch all your relationships and connections take a quantum leap  
  • Developing the Leader within You 2.0 – Learn how to develop the vision, values, influence, and motivation that are trademarks of successful leaders  

Successful retention of
international employees

4 Keys to Success

Better Danish skills

Improved team communication skills
More effectiveness

Better Work Experience

Better team collaborations
Less misunderstandings
More innovation

Better friendships

Happier Employees
Better productivity at work

Better work-life balance

Growth of personal and
social network

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