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Giving your business the keys to retain your international employees

You’ve found the international talent, now let First Friend in Denmark unlock their potential. Our unique 4 Keys Program provides the cultural bridge to help them succeed in work and life.

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Natalia E.L. Madsen

After participating in one of First Friend in Denmark's Mastermind groups, I believe that Mariola has the skills and the knowledge to help people move forward in their lives in a direction that will bring them fulfillment, purpose and ultimately happiness.

First Friend in Denmark gives your international employees the keys to a happier life

First Friend in Denmark is a helping hand. It is guidance and encouragement. It is knowledge and tools. It is diversity and inclusion. It helps your business retain international employees by empowering them with the cultural skills they need to thrive at work, build a social network, and adapt to Danish culture.

The 4 Keys to helping your international employees flourish

First Friend in Denmark’s 4 Keys Program equips your international employees with the tools they need to go from culture-shocked new arrivals to a thriving employees and members of Danish society. Your employees will learn how to navigate not only the Danish workplace, but also about Danish culture and social life.

We suggest that you offer our 4 Keys Program to international employees when they have started to settle into their everyday life. We find the time after the initial excitement of an international move is when your employees need additional cultural support and guidance. First Friend in Denmark’s 4 Keys Program provides them with the cutural bridge they need to settle and succeed.

One unique component of our 4 Keys Progam is providing each employee with a personality analysis. The DISC Profile Assessment gives tailored insights into the indiviual challenges your employee might be facing when building work and social relationships. We believe “You have to know yourself, to grow yourself, especially when living abroad.”

Key 1: Better Danish Language “To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies.” Not everyone learns the same way, we provide your employees with the key that will support them on their Danish language journey.
Key 2: Better Work Experience “Good Management of Bad Experiences Leads to Great Growth.” Building a workplace culture of inclusion and diversity is important. Using real-life workplace situations, we work with your employees on navigating the Danish workplace to help them be a great team member, flourish as an employee, and increase your international employee retention.
Key 3: More Friends “Connectors Connect on Common Ground.” We work with your employees’ unique personalities, interests and communication styles to unlock their relationships with their colleagues. We also learn ways to make friends outside of work.
Key 4: Better Work-Life Balance “You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself.” Using the framework of Danish work-life balance, we discuss your employee’s long-term focus on personal and professional growth and develop a plan to achieve it.
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Our unique 4 Keys Program unlock international employees` potential

Workplace Inclusion

Giving you the support to build a culture of diversity


Relevant tools to solve daily challenges personally and professionally


Maxwell Leadership Certified coaching, teaching and training


Danish cultural insights to help your international employees succeed

Partner Support

Career development and support for accompanying partners

Hi, I’m Mariola!

I am Mariola Kajkowska, the founder and CEO of First Friend in Denmark. I moved to Denmark from Poland 17 years ago and understand first-hand the challenges facing new internationals. I set up First Friend in Denmark to provide diverse businesses with the keys they need to increase international employee retention. Denmark is known for its work-life balance, friendliness and hygge, but it can be challenging for internationals to understand the nuances of Danish culture and get that important sense of beloning.

I want to help diverse businesses like yours suceed in retainting their international employees. My 4 Keys Program works with companies and their international employees to build a culture of inclusion, provide personalized insights into how to best help your international employees thrive, and give your international employees insiders knowledge into how to flourish as an international in Denmark.

I also work with companies in attracting, recruiting, onboarding and retaining international talent.


  • Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker.
  • Certified Life Coach - Strategic Intervention Coaching with Robbins - Maddanes.
  • Certified Systemic Coaching with Attractor.
  • Certified at the John Maxwell Method of DISC and Garuda competence profile.
  • Educated English Teacher, BA from Teacher's Training College.
  • Master of Arts in English, Humanities.

Ready to choose a plan that fits your needs?

First Friend in Denmark's 4 Keys Program is available in three packages to suit your unique business needs. We also offer private services for individuals.

business plans for companies
private plans for individuals


Essential care package for employee retention

  • 4 teaching sessions
  • Q&A sessions after teaching
  • 24 page handbook
  • Maxwell DISC personality indicator report
  • 90 min individual DISC debrief session
  • Access to private facilitated support group
  • 90 min individual mentoring session


Provide individualized support for international employee retention

  • 8 teaching sessions
  • Q&A sessions after teaching
  • 24 page handbook
  • Maxwell DISC personality indicator report
  • 90 min individual DISC debrief session
  • Access to private facilitated support group
  • 4 individual coaching sessions of 60 min


Maximum support to unlock your international employees potential and cultural capabilities

  • 12 teaching sessions
  • Q&A sessions after teaching
  • 24 page handbook
  • Maxwell DISC personality indicator report
  • 90 min individual DISC debrief session
  • Access to private facilitated support group
  • 4 individual coaching sessions of 60 min

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